EBPS 2023 Biennial Meeting – Symposium Proposals

We are looking forward to hosting you at the Biennial Meeting of the EBPS, which will be held in Mannheim, Germany, from 22-25 August, 2023. We have already secured plenaries by the following speakers:

Pier V. Piazza (FRA) – Specific inhibitors of the CB1 receptor (CB1-SSi), a new pharmacological class to treat pathological states related to a hyperactivity of the cannabinoid system.

Tricia Janak (USA) – Evaluating & Learning from Rewards.

Rohini Kuner (DEU) – Cortico-limbic-striatal circuitry in chronic pain.

Gavan McNally (AUS) – Punishment: How risk and aversion shape our actions and choices.

We plan to develop an exciting scientific program on the most recent advances in behavioural pharmacology and related disciplines. The conference symposia will cover diverse topics in pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience on cellular, genetic, pharmacological, and circuit mechanisms of behaviour in both animal models and human subjects. We encourage sessions on timely and innovative topics.

Please click here for further instructions if you are interested in submitting proposals for symposia at the 2023 meeting.