MINDinGUT – Decoding host–microbiota communication IN the GUT, Spring/Summer School

This course is targeted at participants interested in designing, conducting and interpreting research on the associations between the gut microbiome and structural and functional integrity of ENS with potential consequences on extra-intestinal tissues such as the brain.

Participants: Maximum 30
Who Can Apply: PhD students, PostDocs, early-career researchers
Selection criteria: CV and motivational letter (<150 words) to
Prof. Cecilia Giron (mindingut.summerschool.dsf@unipd.it)

Deadline for application: April 22nd, 2021.

Fees: FREE
Mode of delivery: Interactive Online Lectures
When: every Monday h. 16.00-17.30

Course leaders:
Christian CHIAMULERA (Verona, Italy)
Barbara DI CAMILLO (Padova, Italy)
Maria Cecilia GIRON (Padova, Italy)
Niall HYLAND (Cork, Ireland)
Marcel JIMENEZ (Barcelona, Spain)
Aletta D. KRANEVELD (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Gemma MAZZUOLI-WEBER (Hannover, Germany)
Edoardo SAVARINO (Padova, Italy)
Pieter Vanden BERGHE (Leuven, Belgium)