DEI Committee

The European Behavioural Pharmacology Society is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society and the wider field. Our commitment to supporting all individuals is not limited to race, gender identity, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, intellectual perspectives, or personal points of view.

As a committee, we aim to promote the inclusion of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds through travel awards, resource sharing, and special topics of discussion at our meetings.

If you have any questions, requests, or ideas for our mission please contact us via the contact form. Also if you have witnessed or experienced any kind of discrimination at one of our meetings please contact us with more information so we can act on this

(Please include your Name and email if you would like us to respond)

    Useful links

    ALBA Network: “Founded by a group of leading neuroscientists, the ALBA Network aims to promote equity and diversity in the brain sciences. The goals of the network are to: Promote best practices to counteract bias, Recognise outstanding contributions to science and diversity, and Provide networking and mentoring opportunities to promote careers for members of underrepresented groups”


    EBPS DEI Committee Members

    Committee Chair
    profile picture of Marco Venniro

    Marco Venniro

    School of Medicine
    University of Maryland
    United States
    Committee Member
    profile picture of Leah Mayo

    Leah Mayo

    Parker Psychedelics Research Chair Lead, Novel Therapeutics
    Hotchkiss Brain Institute
    University of Calgary
    Calgary, AB, Canada
    Committee Member
    profile picture of Connor Haggarty

    Connor Haggarty

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Pharmacy Practice
    Wayne State University
    Detroit, MI, United States
    Committee Member
    profile picture of Karen Szumlinski

    Karen Szumlinski

    University of California
    California, United States
    Commitee Member
    profile picture of Leslie Ramsey

    Leslie Ramsey

    Research Fellow
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    Baltimore, MD, United States
    Commitee Member
    profile picture of Margarita Moreno Montoya

    Margarita Moreno Montoya

    Universidad De Almeria
    Almeria, Spain
    Committee Member
    profile picture of Brianna George

    Brianna George

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Committee Member
    profile picture of Felippe Espinelli Amorim

    Felippe Espinelli Amorim

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Department of Psychology
    University of Cambridge