Past Meetings

EBPS Biennial Meetings – 1986 to 2017

Antwerp, Belgium, 2/7-6/7, 1986, organised by F. Colpaert

Athens, Greece, 31/8-3/9, 1988, organised by C. Spyracki

Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 27/8, 1992, organised by M.R. Kruk

Cambridge, England, 27/8, 1992, organised by T. Robbins

Berlin, German, 11/9-15/9, 1994, organised by D. Stephens

Forte Village, Sardinia, Italy, 7/5-21/5, 1996, organised by G. Di Chiara

Brno, Czech Republic, 2/9-6/9, 1998, organised by A.E. Sulcova

Boston, USA, 1/9-4/9, 1999, organised by J. Bergman, K. Miczek & D. Sanger

Marseille, France, 8/9-12/9, 2001, organised by M. Almaric

Antwerp, Belgium, 6/9-9/9, 2003, organised by T. Steckler

Barcelona, Spain, 9/9-12/9, 2005, organised by R. Maldonado & P. Robledo

Tubingen, Germany, 31/8-3/9, 2007, organised by W.J. Schmidt

Rome, Italy, 4/9-7/9, 2009, organised by A. Badiani

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 26/8-29/8, 2011, organised by L. Vanderschuren & T. De Vries

La Rochelle, France, 6/9-9/9, 2013, organised by D. Belin

Verona, Italy, 12/9-15/9, 2015, organised by C. Chiamulera

Heraklion, Greece, 31/8-3/9, 2017, organised by G. Panagis

Braga, Portugal, 28/8-31/8, 2019, organised by N. Sousa

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 13/7-16/7, 2021, organised by R. Schreiber

Mannheim, Germany, 22/8-25/8, 2023, organised by R.Spanagel


EBPS Symposia & Workshops

3rd Int’l Meeting on Drug Discrimination & State Dependency,  Antwerp, Belgium, 2/7-7/7, 1986, organised by F. Colpaert

Behavioural Pharmacology of 5HT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Oct 1987, organised by P. Bevan, A. Cools & T. Archer

Cognitive Enhancers: Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology, Athens, Greece, 30/8, 1988, organised by T. Duka.

The Mesolimbic Dopamine System: from Motivation to Action, Msida, Malta, 25/9-26/9, 1989, organised by P.J. Willner & R. Muscat

Drug Discrimination Meeting, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 27/6-1/7, 1990, organised by R. Glennon & T.U.C. Jarbe

1st Ethopharmacology Symposium, Lisek, Czechoslovakia, 2/4-6/4, 1990, organised by M. Krsiak

CNS Active Compounds, Heraklion, Crete, 15/4-20/4, 1991, organised by C. Spyraki

Sensitization and Tolerance in Behavioural Pharmacology, Pistoia, Italy, 8/9-10/9, 1993, organised by F. Borsini & P. Nencini

Behavioural Pharmacology of Excitatory Amino Acids and Their Antagonists, Marseille, France, 20/9-23/9, 1995, organised by M. Almaric

2nd Ethopharmacology Symposium, Sopron, Hungary, 6/9-9/9, 1997, organised by J. Haller

The Behavioural Pharmacology of Anxiety and Depression, Bath, UK, 20/11-23/11, 1997, organised by P.J. Willner

Drug Discrimination Meeting, Antwerp, Belgium, 5/7-7/7, 1998 organised by B. Balster & F. Colpaert

Schizophrenia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 21/6-24/6, 2000, organised by B. A. Ellenbroek

New Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Addiction, Brighton, UK, 19/9-21/9, 2002, organised by P.J. Willner

Neurobehavioural Plasticity, Rome, Italy, 2/9-4/9, 2004, organised by A. Badiani

Neurodegeneration: Basic Mechanisms of Motor and Cognitive Dysfunctions, Cracow, Poland, 2/9-5/9, 2006, organised by K. Ossowska

Behavioural Genetics and Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Cork, Ireland, 25/8-27/8, 2008, organised by J.F. Cryan

Drugs, Psychiatric Disorders and Neurogenesis, Tours, France, 3/9-5/9, 2010, organised by C. Belzung

Eating Behaviour and Obesity, Lecce, Italy, 7/9-9/9, 2012, organised by S. Gaetani

Immune influences on brain & behaviour, Brighton, UK, 27/6-29/6, 2014, organised by N. Harrison & T. Duka

Stress, PTSD & Psychiatric Disorders: From Basic Science to Therapeutic Intervention, Revohot, Israel, 3/5-4/5, 2015, organised by Y. Shaham

A new era for neuronal ensembles in learning and perception, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 15/9-16/9, 2016, organised by B. Hope

Animal and Human Behavior: Using Computational Approaches to Build a Two-way Bridge, Cambridge, UK, 29/7-31/7, organised by S. Flagel & M. Paulus.

Behaviour to Biomarkers: Reverse Translation, Toronto, Canada, 5/3-6/3, 2021, organised by J. Foster & M. Shoaib (Virtual meeting)

Spanning the spectrum of social behavior: towards more translationally relevant animal models, Rome, Italy, 24/6-26/6, 2022, organised by M. Venniro, S. Golden, D. Caprioli, V. Ferretti, V. Carola & C. Cifani.